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Welcome to Corbusian!

Are you tired of the same old design of your home?

We have a solution. We will transform your place into a modern smart living space with minimalist interior design, unique furniture, automation gadgets, plants and more. We’ll even help you come up with the best strategy and a design plan that fits your style and budget!

At Corbusian, we help you get the best products and services for your home interior and exterior. Our experts will find the right professionals for your project to do anything from concept drawing, 3d modelling, rendering and video animation to flooring, plumbing, false ceiling, carpentry, electrical, painting, and any other contractual works to complete any renovations you might want to do be it interior of your bedroom, living room, kitchen, foyer or a office setup in your home. Just pick a style or upload your ideas and we’ll take care of the rest.

What We Do?

Specialized in architectural video production, we at Corbusian create stunning modern interior designs for your home, bedroom, living room, foyer, dining, kitchen, bathroom, etc.

Want to start a business from home?

We have trending cool home office design. Select the style, let us design, then visit our store to setup easily by selecting all necessary desk accessories from leading global brands we are affiliated with.

Want more help on setting up an online business? Learn more by downloading our featured free e-books, chat with bestselling authors and online business millionaires, sign up for free enjoyable crash courses on online business which too we are affiliated with.

Want to impress someone special?

We have handpicked luxury Corbusian style interior designs you and your loved one will fantasize. Choose your desired luxury designer items from brands that you dream of.

Running low on budget?

No worries. We will show you where modern art and architecture actually shines with unbelievable designs that are based on Corbusian principles – affordable, open, spacious, close to nature, and functional.

Just looking for a makeover?

Yes, you can spend even less and buy products that makes a whole new living experience out of your old space. Get expert advice on best interior design practices, guidelines, and tips. Learn more.

Is it a commercial property? Are you a retail business owner?

We will do a complete redesign of your shop which your customers will love and employees will praise. Don’t have enough time? Schedule an online consultation to get the best modern minimalist design for your business at your own convenience.

We offer other architectural related products and services too – including concept design, planning, estimation, consultation, reports, permission, project management, construction management, single and multi phase constructions, landscaping, terrace garden, vertical gardens, HVAC, renewables, doors and windows, façade design, waterproofing, concrete, stone, ceramic, acrylic, and wooden flooring, brick masonry, drywall, stucco, wall putty, color and painting of interior exterior, false ceiling, paneling, partitions, carpentry, house wiring, electrical appliances and electronics, plumbing, sanitation and hardware, modular kitchen, smart home devices, home security solutions, sliding doors and windows, wall décor, home décor, home furnishing, and home renovation services.

We also offer drafting services, CAD/CAM/BIM, architectural 3D modelling, 4K Video production, architectural rendering, 3D visualization, architectural walkthrough, cutting edge 360 degree videos, VR, 3D printing services, Ansys engineering simulations of structural load deformation, advanced insight using Ansys reports on RCC, steel, timber, and masonry structural load analysis, REVIT BI Modelling, REVIT structural analysis reports, engineering simulations of fluid like systems, optimization guidelines and tips, SPSS analysis, SWOT analysis, GIS mapping, zoning, EIA reports and compliances, etc.
We will keep expanding our portfolio to include single rooms, private property, flat, office, apartments, retail shops, showroom, warehouse, govt. office, govt. funded public infrastructures, regeneration projects, and many other types of residential, commercial, infrastructure, institutional, and housing developments.

Want to be creative?

Design your home yourself, or let us hold your hand while you choose between different categories of curated products and services from one single place.

Are you ready for the future?

Make your home futureproof with branded smart home products, IOT devices, and many more exciting new home automation technology and gadgets.

How are you fighting climate change?

Make your home sustainable with eco friendly solutions. Our experts will guide you through the complete process from planning to construction then wiring to automation in easy steps to get your home green building certified.
We have curated electrical and electronics items made for modern homes and Corbusian style minimalist modern interior. Choose between energy efficient appliances, LED lights, assorted luxury designer lights, solar panels, energy storage solutions like battery inverters, etc. Learn more on using home automation correctly to easily reduce your carbon footprints, and make your home even more green.

Are you concerned about security?

Check out our new collection of home security devices, surveillance systems, CCTV kits, modern door locks, safe storage units, and many more.

Why should we care what we breathe?

An average human can’t live without oxygen for more than about two minutes. And we all know how air pollution has become a global crisis. Meet our plants. They would love to give you oxygen forever and clean the air you breathe for free. Like a companion, alive, keeps you happy, and gives you pure air. Yes, living plants for your home interior. We understand, selecting the right indoor plants can be frustrating – the types of soil, seeds, fertilizer, time of watering, amount of sunlight – and what not?

Wait, the frustration is finally over.

Introducing our new collection of live indoor plants, smart plant management devices, modern minimalist Corbusian style pots, potting soil, exotic seeds of air purifying plants, flowering plants, insect repellent plants, easy to use fertilizer products, and many more with tailor made services for your companion! Get familiar with the best practices from our certified experts. We have collaborated with external researchers to gather cutting edge information on indoor air quality, air purifying plants, and much more. Now bring home an exotic live plant that purify air like machine. Or if you literally want a machine, then our energy efficient air conditioning and purifying solutions are right at the corner of our store. Visit store now.


We envisage a modern, minimalistic, sustainable and peaceful, data-driven and AI powered, smart and functional, space ready future of built-environment.


To implement UN climate action strategies.

To foster resource friendly, clean and green, minimalistic design.

To review latest AI technology and recommend best smart home devices.

To provide all modern home interior design necessities in one place.

To make design of home and interior a fun, educational, and engaging experience.

To create inspiring educational videos that promote standard of living.



First established in 2016, as EPEBE, procuring govt. tenders in local states as contractors, then during late 2017 we started including design services as part of our work, mainly architectural services, and a handful of engineering and planning services, and so we renewed our trade license as design firm. Then from early 2018 we started implementing our digital growth strategies. By the end of 2019, we gathered a mountain of information on exciting new technologies, upcoming releases of branded products and digital assets in our niche that people are searching, we customized and launched our fully streamlined digital business platform, a ton of content, and lots more. In between we renewed our business name once to DEPEINT Studio, then to Corbusian, and we also updated our logo several times to match our branding needs and trademark availability. Since 2020, we are serving customers primarily online, and sometimes also fulfilling requirements physically.


Interiors, exteriors, the style of homes and buildings, are changing. Interior designers are in demand to design modern homes that are functional, beautiful, and reflect the current trends. People are tired of living in homes with outdated furniture and ugly colors. They want their homes to be like a work of art and future proof. We offer interior design service with no obligation to buy anything. Our interior designer will come to your home for an initial consultation where they will discuss your vision for your home and provide you with an estimate and quote.