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Handover your daily tedious tasks to Artificial Intelligence. Let the AI and IOT takeover manage your home!

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3D Visualization – Architectural Rendering – Animation Video Production

+ 3D Modelling, Photorealistic Rendering and Animation, Walkthrough, 360° 3D VR, Full HD/4K/6K Video.

Experience Life Like Never Before.

Become Close to Nature with Indoor Plants.


Go green from inside. Reduce CO2 footprints.

Use plants as an aesthetic or functional element in your design.

Visit our live plant collection to browse colorful flowering plants, hanging plants, table top bonsai, air purifying plants, fruiting plants, aquatic plants, plant seeds, white ceramic planter, tall metal planter, potting soil, compost, fertilizer, booster, and many more.

Check out our new collection on full spectrum grow lights, auto irrigation systems, plant management devices. Find out new ways to reduce carbon footprints and make your home sustainable.

Smart ways to live free. Quality of life matters.

Begin the journey of a la la life.

Take your home to the next level with artificial intelligence. Connect all your old and new Wi-Fi enabled devices to an AI enabled smart hub to get the most out of your appliances. Schedule and monitor your daily household tasks without leaving your couch.

Make modern art a part of your life. Decorate your home with famous paintings to look at and reflect on critical aspects of modern society and life in general. Furnish your rooms with minimalist items that provide comfort as well as peace of mind.


Practice rational thinking. Bring Data + Ideas.

Ride the intellectual wave and get insights into the future.

See the outcome before you start investing large amounts on your project. Create 3d models and video rendering of your architectural project to easily customize and iterate your design ideas without spending any extra penny.

Implement smart strategies to monitor and control the energy consumption of your home. Learn more on BIM and LEED analysis to streamline your project. Find out the best practices on resource friendly optimization techniques frequently used in the housing industry. Read more on intergovernmental collaborative action plans for global development and crisis mitigation to leverage govt. subsidies and make your home regulatory compliant and a future-proof valuable asset.

Strategic Planning for Natural Environment.

See the trends. Take action on global air pollution.


Learn How Much Pollution You Are Breathing In Daily Just From Your Home.

See the trends. Take action on global air pollution.

Indoor Air Quality

How good is the quality of your home indoor air? Do you live near swamps? Are you aware of molds, VOCs, and most importantly radon gas and its radioactive polluting effects on indoor air quality of your home? Radon gas is one of the most deadliest form of home hazard that most people are unaware of. This gas is most prevalent in basement and lower areas of your home. Do you have plants in your home? Are you using any air purifying products? Read more on improving air quality inside your home.

Outdoor Air Quality

Are you living in a congested city area where there’s less trees and vegetation but more pollution than oxygen to breath in? Do you live near a heavy traffic zone? What are the immediate pollutants from vehicle and transportation and their effects on your life? Are you experiencing urban heat island (UHI) effects? Does air around your home get smoggy? Can you tell the difference between daytime vs nighttime temperature? Read more on UN Climate Control Strategy Implementation to mitigate UHI effects in urban areas.

A mission to aspire.

Join the climate movement from home.1

“Ensuring cleaner air in and around the home is fundamental to reducing the burden..”

Dr. Maria Neira (WHO Director)

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Free Bestselling Book on Indoor Air Quality.

Don’t like breathing in polluted air?

Test air quality in your home.#

Analyze hundreds of VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, i.e., airborne chemicals), TVOCs, indoor air polluting solvents like paints, varnishes and coatings, light hydrocarbons, growing mold, Formaldehyde, PM2.5 & PM10 Micron Particulate Matter dust, CO2, and CO using our recommended certified DIY test kits.

Stop Invisible Hazards.

Get DIY Radon Test Kit.

Radon is found in homes throughout the world. But not everyone is aware of this radioactive hazard. Easily monitor this harmful radioactive gas in your home and live a healthy life.2

  • DIY ready.
  • Detects Alpha and Beta.
  • Certified by the EPA.
  • Test activity near cracks, basements and lower areas.
  • Dosimeter to measure and limit dosage.
  • Auto monitoring.
  • Easy to use and affordable.
  • Provides long-term health benefits to you and your family.

Our Recommended Radon kit is the only professional, accurate, and proven radon test kit on the market. Order your kit today and start living a healthier life!

Introducing New Collection on Air Purifying Products.

Is your home modern minimalist?

  • Find out what modern home has to offer.
  • Read more on improving quality of life.
  • Explore new ways to stay healthy, clean, and green.
  • Assess energy consumption of your home.
  • Determine the carbon footprints and resource usage.
  • Learn how to leverage your modern home.

Get Green Building Certified.

Choose between approved green building products and make your home green and sustainable.

Does your home meet Green Building Certification standards?

How smart is your home?

Answer 10 easy questions to find out.

Upgrade your home to the future of living with amazing AI enabled smart home products and IOT devices from Apple, Google, Amazon, and other popular brands.


From Indoor to Outdoor.

A modern home is not just a residence. It is an investment. So you need to make sure your investment looks modern and stylish in every way.

We are the go-to destination for modern design. Be it indoor or outdoor you can trust us your home will be future proof. When you design your home, you want to make sure it meets your taste, lifestyle, and budget. We help with that by providing the latest trends in design for our customers to choose from. Our designs are simple yet sophisticated, functional yet fashionable. We offer modern design solutions for residential spaces – from small interior to exterior – as well as commercial spaces. We have a passion for craftsmanship and quality, which is why we only use the best and the latest materials in our work.

Our mission is to promote rationality, modernism, and functionalist approach through smart design of tomorrow’s built-environment.

* 6K Ultra HD video is subject to availability.

# Testing air quality requires professional equipment and specialized skills. Please read guidelines carefully before using air quality test kits. We strongly recommend consulting professional service for instruction and safety measures. All test kits must be used properly at your own discretion.

† Green building certification is only available at selected locations.

1 According to WHO, nearly 3 billion people worldwide still lack access to clean fuels and technologies for cooking, heating and lighting. And an estimated 4.3 million people worldwide die every year from indoor air pollution emitted by rudimentary biomass released by the burning of solid fuels such as wood, coal, animal dung, crop waste and charcoal. “50% of pneumonia deaths among children under 5 are linked to household air pollution.” Dr. Bustreo, WHO Assistant Director.

2 Radon is considered to be one of the primary causes of lung cancer deaths in the US.