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On this blog, you will find everything you were looking for and more. You’ll find content on everything from top design trends to how to cook the perfect steak using AI, from indoor plants for reducing stress to the latest environmental news.

Remember, professional design and expert advice is always the fastest, safest, and smart solution.

What topics do we cover?

Corbusian is your go-to resource for everything you need to know about modern living, interior design, smart home, science, engineering, architecture, environment, and more. Whether you’re looking for tips or want to learn more about a specific topic or latest innovation in these fields, Corbusian has you covered.

We cover almost all topics relevant to modern home design. We post quality content almost everyday. Whether you are looking for a modern revamp of your bedroom, or want to construct a minimalistic but fully functional home with minimum budget using only natural building materials, or if you are wondering what smart home devices are best for your home, or just searching for top security systems to protect your home, or you want to go green with your building, want to learn more about your building’s carbon footprint and how your home affects the surrounding environment, or even have a doubt about indoor plants, our team got everything covered.

What kind of content can I expect?

We create the most informative content on home design, modern architecture, science and engineering, urban planning, sustainability, climate change, green building, home automation, indoor air quality, and indoor gardening. We try to mix and match and experiment producing different types of posts such as comparison, explanation, reviews, how to, and compilation such as the top 10, the best 10, interesting 5, the worst 5, costliest, cheapest, top trending, top mistakes, best practices, best hacks, and what not?

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Articles by Corbusian, Editorial Publishes

  • Earth Day 2022! Lets celebrate everyday to help the Planet.
    What is Earth Day 2022? Earth Day 2022 is an annual event that takes place on April 22 every year. It is a day to recognize the Earth’s environment and the importance of protecting it. Earth Day 2022 is a turning point for many environmental policies. Back in 1970s US Senators Gaylord Nelson and John McConnell first founded this Earth Day movement. Since then, every year people all around the world celebrate this day by planting trees, cleaning up their communities, and doing other activities to help keep our planet healthy. There are many events that take place around the… Read more: Earth Day 2022! Lets celebrate everyday to help the Planet.
  • Can Smart Home Devices Save Energy? 10 Tips to Go Green.
    Have you ever considered how much energy your home consumes? It can be a lot. Which is why in this article we will discuss how to take advantage of smart home automation. These products will help you to save energy and reduce your carbon footprints in different ways. The rise of smart home automation products has made modern living more efficient and functional. They are the power-saving solution for homes and businesses alike. Products such as smart thermostats, smart lighting systems, smart locks and switches help users to save on utility bills. Fistly we will explore what smart-home and smart… Read more: Can Smart Home Devices Save Energy? 10 Tips to Go Green.
  • Smart Home Devices: Why Homes Should Be Smart In 2022.
    A smart home is an automated home with latest technologies that allows you to monitor and control your property remotely. This includes the ability to control heating, cooling, window coverings, lighting, security systems and more. Smart home devices can do these daily automation tasks set through an app or via voice command. But, The concept of the smart devices is not new at all. Smart devices have been around for a long time now. What’s new is the way we use technology in our homes. What is a Smart Home Technology? Smart home technology is the use of information technologies… Read more: Smart Home Devices: Why Homes Should Be Smart In 2022.
  • What are Modern Home Colors? Top 10 New Trending Colors for Interior
    Modern home colors are bold and brighter. They can be used to decorate spaces that typically have neutral tones. The color of the paint on the walls has a dramatic impact on how a space feels. When it comes to choosing paint colors for your home, you should consider the following: -Your personal style -The season -How you plan on using this space What is a modern home and what makes it modern? A modern home refers to an up-to-date and stylish house, usually one with a minimalist interior design. A modern home includes color schemes and contemporary furniture and… Read more: What are Modern Home Colors? Top 10 New Trending Colors for Interior
  • What is Canvas Art? Top 5 New Categories of Modern Canvas Art to Decorate Any Room.
    Canvas art is a type of artwork created using paints and a canvas fabric as the medium. Whether you are looking for a new way to decorate your home or just want to spruce up the walls of your office, canvas prints are a great idea. You can resize, change colors and even frame them in the frames of your choice. Canvas art has been a popular choice for home décor since the 1950s. Nowadays, people are looking for more modern and contemporary styles of work to complement their homes. That’s why canvas wall paintings have become a new trend… Read more: What is Canvas Art? Top 5 New Categories of Modern Canvas Art to Decorate Any Room.
  • How Modern Interior Design is Changing the Way We Live
    Modern Interior Design is defined as a synthesis of art, architecture, design, lifestyle and culture. Modern Interior Design is mostly concerned with the relationship between interior design and the physical world. The designer wants to bring out the beauty of nature into their designs through different natural materials such as wood, stone and metals. The designer also pays more attention to detail than they used to in previous years. This means that one must pay attention to lighting, texture, color and scale – all factors that contribute to creating a sense of place. A growing trend in Modern Interior Design… Read more: How Modern Interior Design is Changing the Way We Live
  • Why Interior Designers Must Fight Climate Change in 2021?
    The interior design of homes can have huge impact on the environment and air quality. A well-designed home can reduce its carbon footprint. That is why a good interior design is an essential element of fighting climate change. A blog dedicated to the world of interior design, this article provides insight into why designers are so important in fighting climate change. Who is an interior designer and why do they need to fight climate change? Interior designers create spaces where people want to live and work. This includes everything from selecting furniture and appliances to designing buildings and rooms with… Read more: Why Interior Designers Must Fight Climate Change in 2021?
  • Is Climate Change Real? The History of the Debate, the Science & Why We Cannot Ignore It
    Many people are skeptical of climate change. They are quick to point out that the earth is always changing, and that humans have existed on this planet for a long time. They argue that if humans are disrupting the climate, they can’t be doing it any worse than nature has done throughout history. They say it’s Mother Nature, not human activity, who is in charge of global warming. While there is some truth to these statements, for many years the scientific community has reached consensus on the reality of man-made global warming or climate change. The evidence suggests that human… Read more: Is Climate Change Real? The History of the Debate, the Science & Why We Cannot Ignore It
  • The Age of Automation and How Smart Interior Designers Should Adapt in 2021?
    It is predicted that by 2050, about 50% of the homes in the US will have full automation. Interior design will include different systems that regulate temperature control, security, lighting, and even self-driving cars. With the automation of our homes comes huge changes in interior design. How Home Automation is Changing the Face of Interior Design There are many ways automation can change your home design these days – it all depends on what system you want to implement. For example, if you want your house to be “smart,” there are many benefits to having an intelligent home. It would… Read more: The Age of Automation and How Smart Interior Designers Should Adapt in 2021?
  • Is modern architecture sustainable?
    Modern architecture can be defined as architecture that emerged in the 20th century and is characterized by an approach to design that is primarily concerned with functional and technical considerations. It can also be seen as a continuation of 19th-century neoclassicism. Some people believe modern architecture has been largely successful in achieving its goal of creating buildings which are sustainable, as they provide better insulation and reduce energy needs. However, some people think modern architecture has failed to integrate human nature into its design and it does not take into account the relationship between our bodies and spaces we occupy.… Read more: Is modern architecture sustainable?
  • Why interior designers need to be knowledgeable about design styles from different periods?
    Different periods in time have had their own unique design style that can give you clues about what kind of design trends were popular then. The transition into the modern era, for example, brought with it new materials, new technologies and new ways of living, but people’s preferences for what was stylish remained largely unchanged over time. This section will discuss why designers need to be knowledgeable about these different styles so that they can be able to provide their clients with all the possible options. Designers should learn about the different styles of interior design so they can match… Read more: Why interior designers need to be knowledgeable about design styles from different periods?
  • The Importance of Interior Design and How it Can Enhance Your Life
    Introduction to Interior Design Interior design is the act of applying knowledge, experience and skill to the design of spaces that people live in. It’s about how people feel in their homes, businesses and public spaces. Home is the place where we spend most of our time. The interior design of our homes can make it look more inviting and comfortable to spend time in. The need for interior design has escalated with the onset of technology in homes. It is not just about furniture anymore but also about the general look and feel of the home. For example, with… Read more: The Importance of Interior Design and How it Can Enhance Your Life
  • What is a modern home?
    Modern homes are living spaces that are designed to accommodate the way people live in today’s era. They are often tall, sprawling, sleekly designed, and have high-tech amenities. A modern home has design and features that are up to date with current trends. The definition of a modern home can vary depending on the person. The following are some popular reasons for building a modern home: – To be current with today’s trends – To use what is new in the latest technology – To be environmentally friendly A modern home typically has a master suite on one end of… Read more: What is a modern home?
  • Western Influence on Indian Modernism: The Time of Modernism In India
    The Start of Modernism In India Modernism in India was a reaction to the European Modernism of the 19th century. Western influences were responsible for this reaction. This time period in Indian history is marked by British rule and was home to many writers who wanted to express their country’s progress with western thinking. In this introduction we will discuss what modernism is, when modern period started in India, and how it differs from the European version of modernism that influenced it. Modernism is a literary and artistic movement that originated in the late 19th century. It is an intellectual… Read more: Western Influence on Indian Modernism: The Time of Modernism In India
  • What does the word Corbusian mean?
    According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word Corbusian refers to a style of architecture and design that was developed by architect and designer Le Corbusier. He was a Swiss-French architect who had a strong impact on modern architecture and design in the 20th century. Le Corbusier had a significant impact on architecture and urban planning as we know them today. He is often referred to as the founding father of modern architecture and his legacy on humanity will go on for centuries. Corbusian is a French word that recognized a style of design that was made up of geometric… Read more: What does the word Corbusian mean?
  • The History of Modernism and How it Changed the World
    Introduction: What is Modernism? Modernism is a 20th century art and literature movement that was characterized by the use of literary techniques such as stream of consciousness, free indirect speech, and unreliable narrator. It is important to note that the modernist movement was not influenced by any one single event or object. Modernism was a cultural movement that encompassed many styles and genres in its short span. Despite these differences, it is possible to identify characteristics common to all modernist texts: personal voice, fragmentation and dislocation, emotional numbness and detachment from society, alienation, and the use of irony. Modernism began… Read more: The History of Modernism and How it Changed the World
  • The Life and Times of Le Corbusier: The Architect Who Made Modern Architecture Possible
    Introduction: Who was Le Corbusier? Le Corbusier is a Swiss-French architect who was one of the pioneers of modern architecture. He was born in 1887 in Switzerland and died in 1965 in France. He pioneered an architectural style called “towers in the park” which can be seen in his Villa Savoye project, where he designed the house to be close to nature while still having rooms for all members of the family. Le Corbusier’s Modern Architectural Style Le Corbusier was a Swiss architect who is known for his contributions to modern architecture. He was one of the first architects who… Read more: The Life and Times of Le Corbusier: The Architect Who Made Modern Architecture Possible
Things you need.
1. A Smart Hub of your choice.
2. Wi-Fi Router.
3. A smart device.
1. Download the apps for your devices.
2. Start and connect to each device from it’s own app using your local wi-fi internet network.
3. Add devices to your Smart Hub.
4. Connect and control all the devices from one place.
Is smart home expensive?
Not really. It’s a bit expensive to setup, but can actually save you huge money in long term.

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