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Corbusian 3D – Complete architectural 3D modeling, drawing, rendering, and animation services with unlimited revisions on SALE! Get up to 15% off on your next 3D design using discount promocodes during checkout.

Starting at just Rs. 25/sq ft., now have small interior projects done quickly at no cost. And get large projects done with big discounts. Usually the price is a bit higher for complex projects and if the project requires lots of detailing work.

Just select the overall size or scale of the project and enter the total floor area in the quantity field (Qty) beside the “Add to Cart” button.

(For example: projects that are based on one single room, or renderings and animations facing only a wall, are to be considered small; for more than one room but not entirely a building, like flat, apartment, warehouse, showroom, etc. the scale is relatively bigger and the project is considered a medium sized one; when the project scope ranges from ground floor to the roof meaning a complete 3d of the whole building’s both interior and exterior design, the project is considered to be a large one; and lastly for commercial projects that are multistorey like commecial complex and shopping malls, the project size can simply be selected as commercial.

And once the size or scale of the overall project is selected, the order quantity can be easily calculated based on the project’s total floor area. Say, if the size of a bedroom on a given floor is 12 ft x 12 ft., then the order quantity or the total floor area of the project is just 12 * 12 square foot or 144 sq ft.)

If you are having trouble calculating the size or quantity of your project, contact us at, or leave a message on our contacts page and we will get back to you shortly, or alternatively you may call us at 0091 956 350 2339 for any other quaries.

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Complete 3D Modeling and Architectural Visualization package with unlimited revisions on SALE!

Get 20% Discount on your next 3D design using one time promocode: 3DCOR


Building a home is a tricky process that takes a lot of time. It can be expensive, time-consuming, and complicated.

The good news is we’re living in a world where technology is outpacing the way humans experience life. For builders, developing high-quality models for their clients is an often time-consuming process that slows down their workflow and increases the risks of errors in the end product. 3D modeling thus became an essential part of development and construction.

Corbusian 3D offers a powerful solution to the challenges of designing and building models for your next project.

It is a design visualization package full of cutting edge technologies and best free 3d modeling software in the industry specialized for all kinds of 3d CAD Modeling, BIM, Perspective Views, Camera, VR, Blender 3d Modeling, Sketching, Texture, Lighting, and Massing. The package contains all the latest components, elements, maps, and GI data.

Equipped with best in class 3d modeling programs, blazing fast tools and plugins, and industry specific research, Corbusian 3D is a fast, powerful, yet easy to use solution that can be applied across a wide range of use cases, such as architecture, interior design, engineering and product design.

Now you can create 3D models of any project right from your home.


Most architectural models are either done by hand or by computer-aided design (CAD) software, which leaves architects and builders spending hours-upon-hours of their time trying to create a level of detail that would be impossible for a human.




The new age of information and the unbelievable digital modeling software and tools are revolutionizing the construction industry. With Corbusian 3D, you can create unlimited 3D modeling designs of your projects as you like with ease and share them with clients within seconds. Ultimately, this makes the process cheaper, faster, more streamlined and reliable.

A 3D model is essential for construction, as it can be used as an accurate schematic plan of the building. 3D modeling can help you visualize the look and feel of the finished project before construction is even started.


Architectural 3D Modeling is a web-based service for creating realistic and accurate architectural models. When you order a 3D rendering, we take your input and create a sophisticated, true-to-life model in just 24 hours!

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